Reported eco pond treatment is being used successfully at Fonmon Castle in the Vale of Glamorgan

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Eco Pond Treatment


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Be pro-active, act now to keep algae at bay and maintain the natural balance of the water in your pond!

Algae starts to form when water temperatures rise increasing nutrient levels in the water. Nutrients are food for algae. ecohabit eco pond treatment works by mopping up the nutrients that algae needs to help it to grow, thus starving algae of any food source. If the nutrients in a pond can be consumed at the same rate as they’re being introduced, you can be well on your way to solving an algae problem.
eco pond treatment will also improve water clarity, eliminating green water by digesting animal and plant waste and helping to restore and then maintain the healthy ecosystem in your pond.
It will also aid solids bulk reduction, silt and sediment reduction. Mal odours are also greatly reduced or eliminated.

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Begin treating your pond in early Spring, before algae takes a hold on your pond. Eco Pond Treatment will:

  • Enhance water clarity
  • Reduce algal blooms in static water and on wetted surfaces
  • Provide a long lasting, natural solution
  • Eliminate the expense of larger aquatic biofilter systems by more efficient use of smaller filters
  • Make safe aquatic biofilter start-up
  • Improve filter performance
  • Reduce shock that frequently arises with large water changes
  • Reduce the frequency for water changes if this is a necessary procedure
  • Reduce amonia, nitrate and phosphate concentrations
  • Aid solids bulk reduction, silt and sediment reduction
  • Help prevent septicity and (with aeration) will stimulate the rapid removal of toxic substances that form during anaerobic metabolism
  • Provide odour control
  • Be biodegradable
  • Be non-toxic to humans, fish, wildlife and plants


Step 1: To open the pouch, using scissors, cut the sealed part of the opening approx 1cm above the reseal section.

Step 2: The amount of eco pond treatment required will depend upon the size of the pond or water body
Soak the selected dose in a jug of pond water before adding to your pond. This will ensure that the bran carrier does not float on the pond’s surface.

Pond size (litres) Pond size (gallons) Recommended dose for new or poorly functioning filters Recommended maintenance dose
up to 450L up to 100G 20g per wk for 3 wks 20g per month
450-2700L 100-600G 40g per wk for 2wks 20g per fortnight
2700-5500L 600-1200G 20g per day for 5 days 20g per week
5500-45000L 1200-10000G 25g per day for 10 days 40g per week

NB. eco pond will function at between 5-40 deg C but at lower rate at the extremes. Best results are achieved at between 15-25 deg C.
eco pond will function between pH 5.5-8.2 but at a a lower rate at the extremes. The optimum pH for successful results is at neutral pH 7.0.
If the pond has severe algae growth, it is advisable to make water changes of 20% per day for 5 consecutive days. Then start using the treatment.


Store in a cool dry place
Avoid eye contact
If swallowed seek medical advice
Keep out of the reach of children


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