I have used eco-septic shock & maintenance treatments for a couple of years now, and it has certainly improved the performance of my septic tank and removed all nasty smells as well. A truly great product that does exactly what it says!
I would certainly recommend this product, and will continue to use it myself for many years to come.

M. Lock, Ashford Hill

Eco Septic Tank Treatment


Septic Tank Shock Treatment:
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Maintenance 6 Months:
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Maintenance 12 Months:
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Step 1: Use eco Septic Tank Shock Treatment (7 sachets – one week’s septic system treatment) to kick start a poorly functioning tank. This Shock Treatment is also highly effective in seeding a new or newly emptied septic tank.
Step 2: Follow with eco Septic Tank Maintenance Treatment to maintain an efficient, problem-free tank.

Our Septic Tank Treatments will:

  • Keep your tank in tip top condition for just 7p per day!
  • Eliminate associated septic tank smells & keep them at bay
  • Save you money on additional, unnecessary pump out costs
  • Provide year round maintenance with water-soluble sachets simply flushed down your loo
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Product Description

       Our septic tank products will:
  • Eliminate septic tank smells, wet spots, septic tank backups, poor flushing drains and toilets.
  • Restore the ecological balance in your tank which household chemicals continuously destroy. Septic tank bacteria is essential in order for your septic tank to function properly.
  • Save you money – your septic system works more efficiently requiring fewer additional pump-outs.
  • Provide easy to use dissolvable sachets flushed down your loo.
  • Treat your septic system problem fast and with continued use will maintain a healthy septic system.
  • Keep drains & lines clean and free flowing.
  • Provide superb green credentials, completely natural – safeguarding and boosting ecosystems and resulting in a more efficient tank.
  • Offer peace of mind.


Step 1: To open the eco septic tank treatment pouch, using scissors, cut the sealed part of the opening approx 1cm above the re-seal section.

Step 2: Before handling the sachets please ensure your hands are dry – remember the sachets are water/moisture soluble!

Step 3: Simply drop the sachet into the toilet bowl nearest to the septic tank/cesspit/package waste system.

Step 4: Let it stand for 5 minutes to allow the sachet to dissolve

Step 5: Flush


Handle with dry hands
Keep pouch sealed when not in use
Store in a cool dry place
Avoid eye contact
If swallowed seek medical advice
Keep out of the reach of children

Additional Information

Treatment Types

Septic Tank Shock Treatment, Maintenance 6 Months, Maintenance 12 Months


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